Dragonfly Trips is no longer in business as of May 1, 2016.  This website is designed to provide some links to useful information about Travel Agencies and travel, in general.  Dragonfly Trips is not responsible for the content contained, or services provided, by use of these links.

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Why use a Travel Agent?

Personalized Travel Planning
They take the time to get to know your idea of a dream vacation in order to fit you with the best resort, ship or villa, and the best type of room.  What kinds of foods do you like?  Do you want a kid-friendly or kid-free environment?  Do you like snorkeling, lying on the beach, or exploring the jungle?  They take all of this into account in order to help you choose the best trip for you. 

Choosing the right flights helps with a smooth, relaxing trip, too.  The cheapest flights aren't always the best value:  getting up at 3:00am to catch a flight, or having 20 minutes to connect flights in Chicago may end up costing more in the end from missed time on vacation (taking a nap when you get there because you're so tired, or missing a connection and not getting there when planned).  Flight itineraries are important - your Travel Agent will review these and help you choose the best value.

What does trip insurance cover?  Should you rent a car?  Is the resort in a desirable location? How much money do you need to take (and what is the local currency)? Are airport transfers included to get you to and from the resort?  What are the dining options on a cruise? Will your "oceanview" stateroom only have a view of a life raft? These are just a few of the questions you might have about your trip.  Let your Travel Agent put together a complete package for you and provide you with all of the details so you aren't left wondering what to do.

Agents get specials from the suppliers every single day.  They can shop the different suppliers for the best deal and we can price match (and even price beat) our competition in most cases.  In most cases, we are within dollars of the online giants and offer a greater value in our service and expertise.  Please trust a Travel Agent to assist you with your next vacation!